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What are the Negative Consequences to Accepting a Counteroffer?

Accepting a counteroffer can have numerous negative consequences. Consider just a few of these:

Where did the additional money or responsibility you'd get come from?

Was it your next raise or promotion, and just given early?

Will you be limited in the future?

Will you have to threaten to quit in order to receive your next increase?

Might a cheaper replacement be sought out?

You have already demonstrated your unhappiness or lack of blind loyalty, and will be perceived as having committed blackmail to gain a raise. You won't ever be considered a team player again. Many employers will hold a grudge at the next review period, and you may be placed at the top of the next reduction-in-force (RIF) hit list. As one executive who requested anonymity says, "Like an adulterous affair that's been discovered, the broken trust is never fully recovered."

Attempted buybacks can demonstrate disrespect for your well-thought-out decision and commitment to the new company. Should your current employer decide to eliminate your position or pass you over for promotion, successfully countering their decision is unlikely.


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