Why Hygun Group, Inc?

Because we are different

While other firms simply "haul out" a stack of resumes and ship them in hope that one might fit the client's need, we conduct a targeted search. Generally, the candidate being sought is not currently looking for another position nor is he/she reading recruitment advertising, but must be actively pursued through contacts, referrals, research, and pure recruiting efforts requiring extensive access and information. By specializing in one industry, we have the resources to identify and the expertise to recruit these top producers. Hygun Group, Inc. has a strong network of independent recruiters nationally built through a long ethical working relationship. This allows us access to candidates both regionally and nationally.

Hygun Group, Inc. is recognized and awarded by its peers as having established long-term, working relationships built on a record of integrity, ability and success. As a long time member of many of the nations Personnel Services Associations, Hygun Group, Inc. has the capability to provide a NATIONAL NETWORK of RESOURCES for our clients.