Hygun Group is 'the best' recruiter (career coach) I have worked with. They are classy and extremely professional, and take enough time to evaluate a candidate and match the requirements of both the employer and the candidate. Hygun provided me the opportunity of my life and the job of my dreams. I just can't thank them enough. They are highly respectful of the candidate's qualifications, and projects them in a sophisticated way to the employers. Hygun Group not only found the suitable and best opportunity, but what was amazing and unique about them was the way they coached me every step of the way until I landed the job and even after that. With Hygun, you are in good (no, great!) hands! Environmental Process Engineering Manager

How to Effectively Deal With Recruiters: Candidate and Recruiter Partnerships

The most important quality in a recruiter and candidate relationship is TRUST. Without trust, the process will break down in one of many different ways, time and again. The recruiter and the candidate must be able to work together if they are going to reach the desired outcome.

Trust – Be HONEST
The more that the recruiter knows of your situation and your wants and needs the more accurately he will be able to match with an opportunity, and save from wasting a lot of time. This is the main reason that things go wrong, so you must be able to be honest with yourself early on in the process.

Responsive – Be ACCESSIBLE
Your recruiter is going to need to be able to get a hold of you. Everyone talks during their work day, but if you are busy, always return a call promptly and set aside a time to talk.

Understanding – Be OPEN
Take the advice the recruiter gives; they do this every day and deal with a hiring authority all day long. This is a recruiter’s living and their insights are going to help you be a better candidate than your competition.

Steadfast – Be LOYAL
It is important to maintain confidentiality if only for your reputation and to keep the appearance of a commodity in the market. That means that you should only work with one recruiter, one you trust. This recruiter should keep you in the loop for every move you make, and should never send your information anywhere without discussing it with you first. Tell all other recruiters who call that you have professional representation and that they should call your recruiter.

Timely – Be FLEXIBLE
You should understand in the world of opportunities 'time kills all deals'. You need to be able to find time to talk with people, meet with people and even travel. If you can’t do these things, then you need to evaluate if you are going to make a change at all or at least discuss the process with your recruiter.

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