I wanted to report the excellent results I had in working with the Hygun Group, Inc. Hygun not only found exceptional candidates for our positions, but also provided invaluable market knowledge to us throughout the search process. They helped us to understand the industry standards and what the market looked like for the type of candidates we wished to hire. Hygun offered great tips on how to conduct an interview to achieve the best results. When it came time to generate an offer, Hygun made the process simple and pain free, allowing us to reach a win-win solution with the candidate. For any future recruiting needs, I will definitely seek out Hygun to assist us again. Thanks again for all your hard work. Vice President, National

Our Process

Effective executive search is both an art and a science. The art is the ability to effectively communicate, honestly relate, and advise with integrity both clients and candidates. Relationships are at the heart of executive search and becoming a partner, counselor and trusted advisor is the art of search.

The science of executive search is in developing a method for connecting individuals effectively and productively, and managing their meetings professionally and purposefully. Hygun Leadership Solutions employs a process-driven search methodology to fulfill this goal. Our process is a project management approach to search, complete with project definition and scope, schedules, timelines, deliverables and post-project evaluations.

Project Definition and Scope
Every search assignment is unique. During the initial consultation (Day 1), we will work with the client to define the job, the situation, and the desired candidate profile. Our consultants will provide the client with a written position description and candidate profile within 10 days of this meeting.

Search Strategy
During the planning phase of each assignment we develop our search strategy and the target list of companies and people we will source. We will review the strategy with the client and then provide a target list to the client by Day 30.

Search Execution
Each sourced candidate will be recruited, screened and interviewed by a member of the search team. A short list of candidates will then be interviewed in person by a senior search consultant and a candidate appraisal will be prepared. Within 50 days of the initial consultation, Hygun Leadership will present a minimum of two qualified candidates for selection.

Selection, Negotiation and Integration
It is not enough to merely bring the best-qualified candidates to the door. We continue working with the client and candidates until the final candidate agrees to an offer and begins working. This is often the most critical phase of the process, where we must address issues quickly, respond to candidates promptly and act decisively.

Project Evaluation
Upon a successful completion of each search, we review the entire search with the client. We finalize all activities of the search and seek feedback from the client. This is a critical step in continuously refining our process and customizing our approach to each client’s unique needs and desires.


"If you are looking for a top-level senior position in engineering, you will want Hygun Group on your team. They make certain that you will not waste your time talking to the middle man. Their determined, incisive methods produce superior results. They make certain that both the new employer and the new employee are well matched on all levels. Hygun’s focus on the highest level positions in any corporation ensure the very best representation a prospective applicant may expect. They personify intelligent, solution-oriented representation for their clients."

CEO, Engineering, Inc.


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