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What Changed?

Why are you now so valuable that your current employer is now offering you more pay, more vacation, more responsibility, more anything in order to ensure that you will stay?

Why did you have to threaten to leave to acquire the things your current employer is so ready to give you now?

Where did the money come from to give you more compensation and who will be affected by the possible absence of those funds?

How will this affect you and your role in your current firm in the future?

When an employee resigns, it is a direct reflection of his/her boss. So the boss will pull out all the stops to try and convince the employee to stay. Remember the reason(s) that you accepted another offer in the first place. Most likely those reason(s) still exist, even if you are being offered more compensation. If you need further convincing that taking a counteroffer is not a good decision, scan through the reasons below to find all the potholes along the road of possibly accepting a counteroffer:

1. It's a tactic commonly used by employers to buy them some time, in order to replace you in their own timetable. Management training in this area is extensive.

2. Your employer will now question your loyalty, which can affect future raises, promotions, bonuses, etc. Your loyalty could also come into question if the company is making reductions in staff or cutbacks, which could possibly leave you without a job. And if word gets out to your fellow employees, you could lose their trust and possibly even good working relations.

3. Studies have shown that if you accept a counteroffer, the probability of you leaving within one year is very high.

4. Remember that regardless of any change in compensation, the reasons for your desired interest in new opportunities most likely still exist.


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