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What are Some Common Counteroffer Statistics?

Apart from a short-term, band-aid treatment, nothing will change within the company. After the dust settles from this upheaval, you will be in the same old rut.

A rule of thumb among recruiters is that more that 80% of those accepting counteroffers voluntarily leave or are terminated, within six to twelve months due to promises not kept. Half of those who do succumb reinitiate their job searches within 90 days.

If you really think about it, counteroffers are not created in terms of what is best for you. They are created with the current employer's best interest in mind. Do not be swayed by the counteroffer into thinking that your current employer has your best interests in mind. It's a purely defensive move from your current employer to try to get back on the offense. Remember that you hold the key to what is best for you and your career.


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